Exclusive Leadership Training for Assistants


with Bonnie Low-Kramen

Bonnie Low Kramen

Bestselling Author + Global Speaker + Thought Leader

An exclusive training event for assistants who want to increase their influence, lead well, and future-proof their careers for the AI revolution.

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Leader Assistant Live in Kansas City, MO


Topic Highlights:

  • How to work at your highest potential: As an assistant, you spend much of your day taking care of your executive(s). It's time you take care of yourself. Learn how to Be the CEO of You, Inc.
  • Leading your executive(s): Stop reacting. Learn how to be proactive, take charge, and build a powerful business partnership with your executive(s).
  • AI and the future of assistants: Will robots take our jobs? Will software tell us what to do? Will assistants be necessary? Learn how to embrace and utilize AI so you aren't left in the dust.
  • How to build a valuable assistant network: Learn how to navigate the EA landscape in your city as you seek to learn from others, influence others, and ultimately level up to gain the respect you deserve.

Schedule of Events


3:00pm -> Bonnie Low-Kramen - Be the CEO of You, Inc.

4:00pm -> Jeremy Burrows - AI and the Future of Assistants

4:30pm -> Al-Husein Madhany - Lessons Learned Supporting Silicon Valley Executives

5:00pm -> Panel Discussion + Q&A

5:30pm -> Happy Hour + Networking

REGISTER NOW ($49.99*)

Leader Assistants do more than schedule meetings.

If you’re ready to stop reacting and start leading...

If you're ready to be the CEO of You, Inc...

If you're ready to level up and work at your highest potential...

Then this live, in-person, motivational + practical training is for you.

Instructors with decades of EA experience.

Bonnie Low-Kramen

Global Thought Leader + Featured in Forbes + Bestselling Author + Trainer and Speaker + Founder of Be The Ultimate Assistant + Former 25-year Personal Assistant to Oscar winner Olympia Dukakis

Al-Husein Madhany

Featured in Forbes + Former Facebook & PayPal Chief of Staff + Motivational Speaker and EA Coach + EA Salary Negotiator 

Jeremy Burrows

EA to Founder & CEO at Capacity + Founder of GoBurrows.com + Host of The Leader Assistant Podcast


Thank you (Bonnie) for providing our 100 administrative professionals with an empowering and inspiring inaugural workshop. The feedback to our leadership teams has been tremendous! Our administrative partners are energized and highly motivated to utilize what they are learning to the benefit of all of the departments they support. We are beginning to see the positive effects on a daily basis, and this workshop has helped us launch our program to enhance the career experience for this very essential part of our organization. - Troy Alstead, Chief Financial Officer Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle

Al-Husein is a captivating speaker who ignites a fire in hundreds of attendees in less than 3 minutes. I paid $1,800 out of pocket to attend an event because he was on the agenda.

The mark of a great speaker is someone that moves you to action and Al-Husein does just that. He challenges you to take control, confront and walk through the discomfort, and write the next chapter of your professional journey. Since initially seeing Al-Husein last year, my ROI has more than 10x'd and this is only the beginning. And yes, this includes asking for and receiving reimbursement on my initial investment. - Maggie J., C-Suite Executive Assistant, San Francisco, CA

Bonnie, you are truly an inspiration for women, not only as administrative professionals in our everyday role, but also for being the women who juggle every aspect of our lives, every second of every minute. Thank you for everything you do. - Amy M., IAAP Member, Hershey, PA

I’m a CEO and entrepreneur with 42 businesses. There is no possible way to lead a company without a strong support role of an amazing servant leader by your side. They are the true heroes of American business and Jeremy’s insight puts into words what I wish I would have been able to verbalize many years ago so eloquently to help my team grow. - Paul L., Chief Executive Officer and Founder, St. Louis, MO

Al-Husein helped me negotiate a pay raise supporting a CEO in a technology company, and when I still was not getting paid what I believed I was worth, he pushed me to work hard to land my dream job getting paid $25,000 more than I was before! He helped me re-frame my story, rewrite my resume, prepare for my interviews, and negotiate my starting salary, with benefits! I highly recommend working with him. He is highly knowledgeable and knows the industry very well! - Elisa M., C-Suite Executive Assistant, Silicon Valley, CA

Bonnie captivates a room the way few speakers do; it’s a skill that comes from caring deeply about the subject matter and expressing it with command. Beyond the applause, you can feel the response from the audience when she switches a light on inside them—one they were not expecting. - Robert L., Co-Producer, Admin Pro Forum Conference

Jeremy is the real deal -- he was "walking his walk" way before he ever thought about "talking his talk." Over the past eight years running my own business, Jeremy has been a great resource and has often challenged me with words of wisdom regarding the best and highest use of my time. I am not sure there is someone on this planet who better understands not just the role and best practices for being a leader assistant, but who can articulate the how's, why's, do's and don'ts so effectively. - Mike W., Best Selling Author & International Speaker, St. Louis, MO

This is life-changing stuff which is not hyperbole. When Al-Husein speaks, people listen - closely, attentively, and actively. He motivates positive action. I've seen it with my own eyes at several conferences and perhaps most powerfully, at the Be the Ultimate Assistant workshop that I teach. As our day was coming to an end, I gave him the floor for five minutes (because a little goes a long way with Al-Husein) and wow, did he deliver. Our students were on the edge of their seats as he cut them to the chase on how to make the money they deserve. And the best part is that many of them went out and did exactly that. Now that's empowerment and the definition of "motivational speaking." I look forward to continuing my work with Al-Husein. He is an important voice in the administrative profession. - Bonnie Low-Kramen, EA Advocate, Best Selling Author & Speaker, Jacksonville, FL

Jeremy’s content for assistant leaders is spot on!!! It is refreshing hearing someone who advocates for assistants and really helps paint the picture of why they are so valuable. - Whitney D., Executive Assistant, Baltimore, MD

You Belong. Take Your Seat.

Join us in KC on February 10, 2020

*Refund Policy: NO refunds. However, if you are unable to participate in person, you can transfer your ticket to someone else, or Jeremy or Al-Husein will hop on a separate 30min coaching call with you.

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